Posted by Nick Aroutzidis on Jun 01, 2019
June 6, 2019: Bob Malcolson “ My participation in 100th Anniversary of WWI” and Ryan Erb Short presentation, Clark Mitchel will introduce and Katherine Hahn will thank our speaker.

Head Table:  Our President Paul Roulston, invites Clark Mitchell, Bob Lightfoot, Gary Lingard, Angus MacDermid, Bob Malcolmson and Shawn Malvern, to join him at the head table.

Today at Rotary:  Today’s meeting combined the Club Ownership Meeting with the marking of the 15th Anniversary of Stratford’s Rotary Respite House.
President Paul Roulston highlighted executive activities over the past year:
Recent changes to the legislation for charitable organizations, necessitated formation of a separate charitable foundation board. Carter’s Professional Corporation, specialists in charity and NFP law, have been engaged to review our documentation for compliance. Chris Thomson is developing a Board orientation package for the Club and Foundation Boards.
Brent Shackleton presented the initial Northern School Program award to Kiwaylin Inuit High School by video link. Our goal is support for three students at $1200.  
Treasurer Kevin Nonomura has recommended engagement of Famme and Co. as our accountants. The Club will vote on this June 6.
Secretary Charlene Gordon requires volunteers to fill some key positions. Notably, after many years of service, Bert Clifford is retiring as Membership Secretary. This position involves tracking attendance and co-ordination of welcoming team. A Chair is needed for the Set-Up Team that readies the room for weekly meetings and maintains associated assets. Dane Kane has volunteered to set-up and maintain “gearbox” for digital presentations.  Sue Wakelin has agreed to assume duties for food coordination, with thanks to Angus MacDermid, who has done this for several years.  A Publicity Chair is also needed for the committee that oversees website, social media, promotional material and press releases.
Membership categories are undergoing revision. Chair Linda Bathe will present to the Club later in June.  The Fireside Chat for new members is June 20.
Rotary Respite House
Peter Roach described the inception of the Stratford Rotary Respite House which for the past 15 years has provided support for children in Perth County with severe physical, developmental or mental health needs. In particular, he paid tribute to Alan MacIntyre, Family Services Perth Huron, who first recognized the need for a safe support home to provide short-term respite for families caring for such children and was instrumental in its creation.  It was a big task that would require commitments of time. money and resolve.  With no model to work from, Alan prepared a needs assessment and detailed proposal, which he and Peter presented to our Board in 2000. Despite inherent risks, the Club agreed and $80,000 from the ‘rainy day fund’ was allocated immediately.  When a potential house was identified, Alan and the committee met with concerned neighbours and the proposal passed without objection. Rotarian Nick Aroutzidis played a pivotal role in the successful retrofit. After 4 years, and with financial contributions from other Perth County Rotary Clubs and the generosity of the community, the house ready to open in January 2004.
Susan Melkert From Rotary Respite Home talking about home and late Al McIntyre.
Nick Forte chair Board of Family Services talking about personal experience with home and son Lucas.
Susan Melkert, current Executive Director of Family Services Perth Huron described the impact Respite House has had in the community. She also paid tribute to Mr. MacIntyre, noting his role in securing short-term funding from the Ontario government for equipping and furnishing the house, which led her to a one-day $150,000 shopping spree at Sears!  More importantly, Al succeeded in the seemly impossible task of arranging ongoing services for R.H. through multiple provincial agencies. A social services visionary and exemplary leader, he started as director of Stratford Family Counselling in 1976 with three employees. By partnering with like organizations, Family Services Perth Huron grew to 200 staff by his retirement in 2005. 
Respite House provides short-term stays for special needs children under 18. Current Family Services P-H Board President, Nick Forte, described the impact RH had on his son and family. Parents and other siblings get time to re-charge and reconnect with each other. Equally importantly, special needs children learn to socialize and become active in a nurturing environment.  Parents help other parents and many continue their involvement after their children reach 18.  He praised the professional staff and Director Nancy Farr.
Alan MacIntyre passed away in 2017. His family was in attendance for today’s meeting.  
President Paul closed the meeting by thanking all of those involved in the establishment and ongoing support of Respite House. They truly embody Rotary International’s 2018-19 theme “to be the inspiration.”
Scribe: Pat Shewen
Friends relatives and staff of Rotary Respite House
Aiden Hogervorst president elect of Mitchel Rotary Club talking on Student Exchange.
Guests: Susan Roach – Stratford, Nancy Farr - Family Services Perth Huron, Nick Forte - Family Services Perth Huron, Doug Wellard - Family Services Perth Huron, Eileen Wellard - Family Services Perth Huron, Sue Melkert - Family Services Perth Huron, Crawford MacIntyre - Kingston One, Courtney MacIntyre, Dianne Yundt AG – FCRC, Aiden Hogervorst - Mitchell Rotary Club, Meredith MacIntyre, Ric Mattingley, Kyle MacIntyre, Ruth MacIntyre
Foundation Draw: Donated by Al and Sue Wakelin (GC's Balzac’s), and won by Pat Redshaw.
Make-ups: No report. 
June’s Attendance Committee:  Dave Scott (I/C), Gary Lingard, Paul Siberry, Pat Shewen, Doug Page, Pat Feryn, Jerry McEwin, Lisa Breault, Kevin Silver.