November 24 2016: Our Speaker, Barbara Hacking Monarch Butterflies”. Our speaker will be introduced by Ron Shaw and thanked by Pat Feryn.

Head Table:  Our President Kevin Silver, invites, Michael Selves, Diane Sewell, Brent Shackleton, Ron Shaw, Gordon Sherwin, and Pat Shewen, to join him at the head table.
Guest Speaker from CANADIGM Zenon Andrusyszyn introduced by Diane Sewell
This Week:  Following up on last week’s Remembrance Day theme, the Club welcomed Zenon Andrusyszyn, who outlined the Canadigm World War project that aims to document and exhibit photos and reproductions of impressions left by Canadian soldiers on the chalk walls of the trenches and tunnels (souterrain) at Vimy Ridge in 1917. 
Mr. Andrusyszyn is a Canadian artist, educator and photographer, with a keen interest in Canadian history. The drawings were discovered in 2001 by the Durand Group, a group of British volunteers who were cleaning up and mapping the extensive and convoluted underground areas that served as barracks as well as access to the front for troops on both sides of the conflict in WWI. When Andrusyszyn and his colleagues, all volunteers, learned of their existence they formed the not-for-profit Canadian Historical Documentation and Imaging Group (Canadigm) to preserve this part of our military history. Carvings are enhanced for detail and colour and recorded using digital photography and laser scanning techniques. Some have been reproduced using 3D printing. The area where they are located is beneath private property and not accessible to the general public.  The tunnels were derelict for decades and subject to flooding, vandalism and looting. The instability of the tunnels, continual seepage of water and the residual presence of live ammunition, further threatens preservation of the site and makes Canadigm’s work hazardous. 
While some areas are very tight with only 2 or 3-foot clearance, others were large enough to hold triple stacked bunks.  Skirmishes with the enemy occurred where tunnels inadvertently intersected. The wall drawings vary in size and intricacy. Most depict emblems, like the military badges found on collars and caps, lists of battle honours or the militia units in a particular regiment.  Some are more whimsical: animals, people, faces, hearts. The softness of the chalk allowed for incredible detail in the carving and those done by former stonemasons, carpenters and other skilled craftsmen are particularly intricate.  Some were signed and dated and others can be linked to their creator by content. To date 230 of drawings have been attributed to individual Canadians, whose fate in the War and thereafter is known. In addition to preserving these relics by documenting, scanning and duplicating them, Canadigm’s goal is to exhibit these very personal works for the general public as tangible testament to the achievement and sacrifice of these soldiers.
Canadigm recently received the Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s Heritage Award for Conservation.  Their travelling exhibit, currently in New Brunswick, will be going to the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. and to Vimy Ridge for the 100th anniversary year in 2017.  The Canadian War Museum has purchased six reproductions, including an intricate “letter box” and others are being distributed to the related battalions across Canada. Although Canadigm receives some government support for the exhibits, the preservation work is largely self-funded by the volunteers and donors. To view photos, see the histories of the soldiers who carved them, or find other information go to
Mr. Andrusyszyn was introduced by Diane Sewell and thanked by Sue Wakelin.
Scribe: Pat Shewen
Dawn Leslie acknowledged at club for helping in Archives for Rotary
Guests: Today we welcomed all Scottish curlers, Dawn Leslie, Stephen Weed and Fadia Mankal.
Draw: The draw prize today was donated by Gord Steed (GC Rheo Thompson Candies) and won by Ralph Robinson.
Scottish Curling team visiting club
Scottish Curling Team exchanging banners
Members of Rotary Club standing who participated in previous curling exchanges
Display from Scottish Curling Team of trophies and paraphernalia
Make-ups: Nothing to report.
November’s Attendance Committee: Doug Wilson (I/C), Bill Cozyn, Clark Mitchell, Lorne Mitchell, Jim Young, Howard Murray, Marcia Matsui, Lutzen Reidstra, Dave Skinner, Philip Schroeder.
December’s Attendance Committee: Fritz Steigmeier (I/C), Clair McCallum, Guy Bellhumeur, Ollie Henry, Paul Roulston, Basil Hurst, John Kechnie, Mike Neilsen, David Rose