Sunday October 6, 2019


Proceeds go towards ongoing Rotary Club of Stratford and the Stratford Perth Museum’s involvements, causes and sponsorships.
Prizes have been donated by local merchants and business owners and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
The Rotary Club of Stratford does not sell or trade any personal information. Privacy Policies are in effect to ensure security and confidentiality at all times including any personal information which the club may keep on file for future reference.

Early Bird Registration Deadline is September 16, 2019.
Final Registration Deadline is September 30, 2019

On the day of the event all participants will be required to sign the waiver shown below.

In consideration of the acceptance and permission to participate as an entrant of the road rally on October 6, 2019, I hereby waive and release the Rotary Club of Stratford and the Stratford Perth Museum and their respective officers, directors, executive and members as well as all sponsors from and against all claims for damages, bodily injury or any or other costs incurred which are caused by or arises from participation of the applicant herein during any program or in any facility on any location where a program is being considered.

Team Drivers must have a valid Driver’s Licence and carry proof of insurance at all times during the event
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Navigator Signature ________________________________________-