February 2017 Update

Six Residential Hospice Beds APPROVED for Stratford Perth Project is “Full Steam Ahead”
Stratford Perth – February 21, 2017 –Since December 2013, a dedicated group of individuals has been working on a feasibility study for the establishment of a Residential Palliative Care Hospice in Stratford Perth. The Residential Hospice Stratford Perth Steering Committee is thrilled with the decision of the South West LHIN to provide operational funding for 6 beds in Stratford as part of an overall Huron Perth unified solution that also includes 4 beds in Central Huron. The Rotary Club of Stratford, as the initiator of the project, along with the City of Stratford, provided financial support during the initial phase of the project and were instrumental in helping us to secure the South West LHIN approval for the 6 beds in Stratford.

The Steering Committee has worked diligently for the last 3 years to bring the Residential Hospice Project to this point of achieving South West LHIN approval for operational funding of residential hospice beds in Stratford. This committee’s work has been completed. We are now moving into the design and build stage of the project and for that work we have formed the Stratford Perth Hospice Site Committee. Although the South West LHIN funding announcement only relates to providing nursing care for 6 beds in Stratford, the Site Committee will be building a 10-bed facility to accommodate future needs indicated by demographic projections for our county. This aligns with the direction of the Lough Barnes Report (a commissioned study detailing the needs and feasibility of residential hospice beds in Huron Perth) which indicated that future needs for Perth will be 9-12 beds. This also aligns with the provincial funding model which is designed to support nursing costs for a 10 bed residential hospice.

Many of the same faces that were on our original Steering Committee will continue on the Stratford Perth Hospice Site Committee. As the work expands and changes, so will the Site Committee.
We are pleased to share with you the current members of our Stratford Perth Hospice Site Committee:

Andy Werner (chair)
Dennis Young (vice chair)
Stephen Mitchell (treasurer)
Linda Bathe (secretary)
Christine Seip (fundraising)
Paul Brown
Eugene Dufour
Anne Fontana
Katherine Hewitt
Dr. Serge Lappano
Mary Raithby

This team has been very active since the beginning of 2017. The fundraising subcommittee is developing the capital and operational fundraising plan and the building subcommittee has selected an architect and is now working on the building design.
“There is much work to be done and we will be calling on more volunteers to help share their time, talents and resources to help this site committee reach our goal of DOORS OPEN BY SPRING 2018.“ said Andy Werner (committee chair). “We have been given a wonderful site to work with by Tri-County Mennonite Homes at 90 Greenwood Court and our vision is to create a residential hospice on this property that offers Hospice Palliative Care in a home-like setting for individuals who are unable to, or do not wish to, remain at home with an end-stage illness. Emotional, physical, social and spiritual support will be provided to improve the quality of living and dying.”

The site will also act as a centre of excellence for individuals to seek Hospice Palliative Care support from the moment of diagnosis through to bereavement; no matter where they may be living.

“It is important for the committee to partner with existing hospice palliative care service providers in our community to ensure seamless and equitable access to palliative care within Huron Perth. Integrated interdisciplinary teams allow for the best type of hospice palliative care” said Eugene Dufour (committee member). The Stratford Perth Hospice Site Committee is dedicated to working with existing hospice palliative care service providers to enhance and improve hospice palliative care throughout the continuum; in the home; in long term care facilities; in retirement homes; in the hospitals and by creation of a Residential Hospice.

We would like to thank the following Stratford Perth Residential Hospice Steering Committee Members for their commitment over the past 3 years. Although not serving on the Site Committee, they will continue to be involved with subcommittee work for the Stratford Perth Hospice Project:

Connie Bedford
Harry Brightwell
Barb Hagarty
Joan Ritsma
Cathy Wyse

For further information please contact:
Andy Werner (chair)
Stratford Perth Hospice Site Committee

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