The 25th Annual Rotary Dragon Boat Festival - Postponed to 2021
This year we were planning the 25th consecutive Stratford Rotary Dragon Boat Festival. The event has provided an opportunity for celebration and exceptional teamwork. There are so many stories of teamwork, emotional stories around overcoming cancer and the comradery of the event itself whether you were on a team, one of over 100 volunteers, a spectator along the river or enjoying the music in the beer tent.
We have hosted the event held on the Avon River on rainy days, cold days and beautiful sunny days so we were getting very excited about hosting it once again with a goal of raising over $40,000 for our community. We had already begun working on the September event in February creating a new website, planning an exhibit at the museum etc. but our committees quickly had to stop meeting in person.  The current situation does not allow us to meet to do planning or even get the boats ready. It doesn’t allow us to meet with potential sponsors, provide time for teams to practice or to recruit the forty plus teams that we need to make the event the incredible success it has been.
We therefore find ourselves at the point where we never wanted to be at but where we have to cancel the Dragon Boat Festival this year. It is disappointing in so many ways but we cannot take the risk of carrying on due to COVID 19
We hope that September 19th 2020 comes with beautiful sunshine and that most of the Dragon Boat teams are back practicing and racing so they all can join us in 2021 for the 25th Stratford Dragon Boat Festival.
Stay safe, we look forward to seeing you on September 18, 2021!