Change Her World

Change Her World is an organization that believes in creating hope and opportunity for vulnerable girls and women. If we hope to see economic progress in developing nations around the world this century, the education and ending of oppression of girls and women is paramount.
For the past two years Change Her World has partnered with the school community in Mzuzu/Ekwendeni, Northern Malawi, in the construction of a girls hostel. They were approached by the school and community leadership in the area on a visit in 2016. Many girls were walking long distances to attend secondary school as none was present in their respective communities. This resulted in the girls being exhausted when they arrived, being subjected to assault on the way and eventually dropping out. Having a hostel at the secondary school where they could stay seemed like a good solution to address these issues and one that Changer Her World embraced. The building to house 50 girls was completed late last fall with the exception of doors, windows, paint and some plastering. The Rotary Club of Stratford funded $3,250 to supply the project with the required materials to finish the project.