EsArtes-The Train the Trainers 

The EsArtes-The Train the Trainers initiative seeks to enhance the way teachers deliver classroom teaching, to engage students and create a sustainable platform for the women of EsArtes to move forward. They had been working with a small group of five teachers for the past two years in preparation for this conference, and the indication was that a much bigger session was needed to bring awareness and support to this project. 

This first conference achieved exactly what it set out to do – engage and excite teachers about new approaches to classroom teaching, to engage with all levels of government to garner their support for future work, and to support the work of Estela Abrego an artist, teacher, entrepreneur who is the life blood of the programming in Suchitoto. EsArtes is looking forward to making this a bi-annual conference and to build toward it being a national conference for El Salvador. There is also interest from Nicaragua and Honduras to introduce this programming to their countries, which will be a huge step towards the sustainability of this initiative. Rotarian Mark Smith has been personally involved with the project for several years. The Rotary Club of Stratford supported this initiaitive with a $3000 donation.