2018 Short Story Contest Winners

2018 - 1st Place Adult - 20 and Over - Sharon Overend

2018 - 1st Place Adult - 20 and Over - Sharon Overend


1st Prize Youth 2018 Gareth Arturo Marks

YOUTH CATEGORY – 19 and under

1ST Gareth Arturo Marks The Library
2nd Emma Lim Here Be Dragons
3rd Kristin Vleeming Trapped

Honourable Mentions

Maia Stephan Missing In Action
Maria Guo Cracked
Penny Duran for three stories on the short list

ADULT CATEGORY – 20 and over

1ST Sharon Overend Driveway Weeds
2nd Connie L. Cook For The Love of Sweet Rose
3rd Denise Beaton Birds On A Wire

Honourable Mentions

Helen Mary Orr Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
Richard Arthur Hundey Guilty
Chris Vetterli Spiritus Culina
Alan Macleod Two Pianos

Congratulations to everyone who made the short list, especially in a contest with the extraordinarily high standards overall that we encountered this year. The spread between 1st prize and not making the winners list at all was only a few points. In a perfect world we would have had a 10-way tie for 1st place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
Thank you all for participating in this contest. You are the only reason it happens, and I sincerely hope that all of you will submit again next year.

Looking forward to that.
Michael Fox
Literacy Committee
The Rotary Club of Stratford