SHORT STORY CONTEST 2020 - Winning Submissions

Well…it has been a journey.  With COVID-19 came the closing of schools early in the year, which is when this competition launches perennially. This resulted in a significant reduction in the number of submissions in the under 19 category, as we rely on the school boards to raise awareness of the contest amongst teachers, and upon the teachers to raise awareness amongst the students. That didn’t happen.

So we rolled both categories into one in order to have enough contestants to complete the process.  This also helped our club to address the reality that our resources  were needed to meet the many unforeseen challenges that came with pandemic.

That said, I believe that a short story contest surely must the most pandemic-friendly project imaginable, and I am confident that opinion will prevail as we move toward 2021.  I hope to announce the upcoming launch of next year’s contest in the coming weeks.

For now, however, it is time to celebrate this year’s winning submissions.
Here they are:
1st Place - for $500 
The Magnolia Field by Sharon Sun
2nd Place - for $250
Four To Ninety-Nine by Penelope Duran
3rd Place - for $100
The Winds Howl by Jennifer Paquette
Honourable  Mentions
  The Villain by Gloria C. Bishop
          The Strong Ones by Celia Ciufo                
Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone for your participation.
Michael Fox, Literacy Committee,
The Rotary Club of Stratford