The 25th Running of the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival - Postponed to 2022
Lighting can strike twice.
Last year we had to make the very difficult call to postpone the 25th Running of the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival due to COVID 19. It was early in the pandemic and some people thought we were being premature in making the call. Unfortunately as the year unfolded and this terrible virus took hold, we knew we made the right choice.
Here we are in February 2021 and the unthinkable has happened again. We need a clear runway to allow:
  • Our sponsors to reestablish themselves post COVID.
  • Our teams to come together to practice.
  • The situation to improve so that groups of people can be safely together again to enjoy the event. 
While there is some hope for the future with indications of reduced numbers of new cases and the vaccine starting to rollout, we cannot see a clear path forward that would encourage us to begin working on the event this year so we are again postponing it.
We want to thank all the people that have supported us during the previous twenty four runnings of this amazing fund raising event and we hope all of you and many others join us for the twenty fifth running in 2022.
Stay safe and healthy, we look forward to seeing all of you in 2022!